The great wall

1991 - First great wall opened

Our history dated back to 1991, now 25 years on we have 04 branches spreads evenly in Colombo and suburbs.Each of our branches has its own identity with flexible menus and different features. From the very beginning what fuels us is the belief that our food should tastes good every time we serve them. We always try to provide customers with the best quality food for the best possible price.

Whilst maintaining the quality and freshness that is the hallmark of our food, we strive to keep being innovative, thinking outside the box and providing tastes that are punchy, unique and backed by centuries of flavour. Every one of our dishes has a story behind it; every bite you take has an impact on you. Our mission is to provide you with an unrivalled fine dining experience. We look forward to welcoming you to Great Wall Restaurants soon!

Great wall restaurants is a subsidiary of

Sumathi Holdings (Private) Limited

Our Food

We demand fanatically high standards from our food suppliers. Our partners deliver fresh ingredients to us every morning. We have a special team to monitor the quality and freshness of ingredients on daily basis; we often travel very early in the morning to the shore to find the best and fresh sea food to provide our guests. We never keep our food overnight to sell the following day if these are unused; we dispose of them ethically the same day.

The Chefs

Our current Head Chefs have been with us since our inception; they are hard at work throughout the day creating our food. They love tricky work! Much of our food is hand made from delicately sourced materials.

For example our chefs make noodles on-site from the scratch so that the texture and taste compliment our cooking style precisely.

Thanks to their passion and creativity, we’re able to offer traditional Chinese delights rare to find in the market today.

The Great Lantern

Great Lantern provides a wide variety of popular Chinese dishes as well some local favourites at reasonable prices; Great Lantern has been in operation for over 15 years since we opened within Majestic City Food Court when it was first opened. Now, the Great Lantern is present in Crescat too.

If you fancy a Nasi-Gorang or a Malaysian, Mongolian dish and can’t find it from our menu give Great Lantern a buzz, they will be able to help you out!